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Order of the Arrow


2023 OA Dues

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Founded on July 16, 1915, the OA is Scouting’s National Honor Society.

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OA Vigil Elections

Vigil Nomination form

Vigil Eligibility List 2023

The Vigil Honor Article

Annual Unit Elections
Annual Unit Elections

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Naguonabe Lodge 31 Forms and Information

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Upcoming Events and Activities

2023 Calendar


  • 11/19/23 12:00pm at Arrowwood Water Park (The location will correlate with LLD's modified location)


  • 2023 OA Winter banquet December 2nd at 3:00

    • Register:

    • Join us for Carvinal

    • Saturday, December 2nd

    • Starting at 3:00pm

    • At the Scout office.

    • Registration is $10 when registering by 12/1, and $15 for the evening when registering at the door.

    • Dress in your favorite carnival attire.

    • The evening will host games, a silent auction, followed by a meal, wrapping up with a summary of our year and the investiture of our new Lodge Officers and our new Lodge Adviser.

    • The games & silent auction begins at 3:00pm, and will stop at 5:00pm. Meal (Please sign up to bring something below) will begin at 5:00pm, the silent auctions will be awarded before the evening's ceremony, awards, and investiture, which will wrap up the evening.

    • Games will begin at 3:00. The games will reward winners with additional tickets, at 5:00pm the 3 top players will have a prize awarded. 

    • All Winter Banquet guests will be given tickets to use at the games. 

    • Additional tickets will be given for each of the below:

    • -for those who pay either/both their 2023 or 2024 dues

    • -for those who sign up and bring items for the potluck

    • -for those who bring items for the silent auction

    • Questions contact

    • OA Chief : Theron Johnson

    • OA Lodge Advisor: Kristopher Bellmont



OA High

Adventure Programs

Check out the OA High Adventure programs at Philmont, Sea Base, and Northern Tier.

These programs offer two full weeks of high intensity outdoor adventure, leadership development,

and a way to build friendships that will last a lifetime, for as little as $250. 


Any Order of the Arrow member between the ages of 16 and 21 is eligible. Visit today!

Get a $100 High Adventure Scholarship! Click here for the application.

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LEC Minutes

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October 15 2023

September 2023

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July 2023

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March 2023

January 2023

The Feather

2023 Fall Feather

2023 Summer Feather

2023 Spring Feather

2022 Summer Feather

2022 Spring Feather

2021 Spring Feather 

2021 Summer Feather

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For more info, please contact your Lodge Executive Committee (LEC):


Lodge Chief

Theron Johnson

Vice Chief of Administrations (VCA), Elections Information

Kylissa O'Connor

Vice Chief of Ceremonies (VCC)

Samantha Pearson

Secretary, The Feather, and Media 

Luke Bourdeaux

Treasurer, Trading Post, and Dues Info

Amanda Burton

Lodge Adviser

Kristopher Bellmont

Lodge Staff Adviser


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Naguonabe Lodge 31 Forms
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The Feather
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