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Parker Scout Camp/Castle
Rental Information

Miller Castle 2.JPG

Miller Castle is a 12,000 square foot Castle, comes with a fortress wall, cat walk, drawbridge, and  KNIGHTS to watch over and protect!       The castle has capacity to sleep 80.   There are four semiprivate rooms on the main level, each with 2 bunks/4 beds each with a private shower.   In the basement there are 3 additional semi-private rooms: 2 of them sleep 4 each, but do not have baths attached and the remaining room has 1 bunk bed and a private bath attached.    There are 2 bunkhouses, one on the main level and the other on the lower level in total, each has 16 bunks/32 beds.   The main level bunkhouse can be separated by a room divider if desired.


It has a well stocked commercial kitchen, the dining room seats 80 and there is a large supply of games, a popcorn popper, a DVD player and projector.     There is also a small meeting room also available located off the main lobby when you enter the castle – capacity 12.


The basement is 6000 sq feet and provides an ideal open meeting or demonstration space.   There is a separate entrance to this area – as well as direct access to restrooms, and the sleeping accommodations.

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