Popcorn Sale

2021 The annual popcorn sale takes place every fall.


Selling products in grocery stores, other local establishments, or door-to-door, Scouts can receive up to 32% commission on their sales, making the sale a great way to earn cash for unit activities and supplies.

Scouts also earn prizes based on their sales, from Scouting gadgets to electronics and camping gear. And, bonuses for over $1000 in sales! Scouts BSA have the option to choose cash prizes, which help them with fees to attend camps and Scouting programs.


Pecatonica River Popcorn has been the council’s supplier for over ten years. Their popcorn comes in flavored, popped form and in raw kernels ready for the kettle or microwave!

For more information, please contact Sheri at 320-251-3930 or sheri@bsacmc.org or Paul.Ravenberg@scouting.org

2021 Popcorn Sales Materials


2020 Popcorn Sale Materials

Popcorn Sales Guide

Popcorn Sales Roster

Popcorn Take To Work Order Form

Popcorn Door Hanger

How to sell while Social Distancing

Popcorn Order Form Inside

Popcorn Order Form Outside

Fundraising Policies of the BSA

Prize Sheet

Prize Information for Scouts 2020

Pack Cover Letter

Troop Cover Letter 

Seller ID Email

Thank you card for Customers

Unit & Kernel Form 

Unit Master Record Working Order Form

Unit- Scout Prize Worksheet 

Prize Order Form for Packs and Troops

Prize Order Form for Winners Circle Prizes

Popcorn Kickoff PowerPoint